Trauma and Fibromyalgia Syndrome

A Comprehensive Guide to the Literature for Personal Injury Lawyers

Publisher: Medifocus Legal
Publication Date: February 26, 2020
Number of Pages: 66
Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic musculoskeletal disorder characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances and, often, emotional and mental stress. It is estimated that the condition affects about 4 million Americans or about 2% of the adult U.S. population. Currently, there is no specific diagnostic test available for fibromyalgia syndrome. The condition is typically diagnosed on the basis of the patient's history, symptoms, and a physical examination. In addition to the hallmark symptoms of widespread pain and fatigue, other features of fibromyalgia may include sleep disburbances, memory and concentration problems, depression, headaches, peripheral neuropathy and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.

Treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome is aimed at controlling the symptoms since currently there is no know cure. In general, treatment may include pain medications and lifestyle modifications such as aerobic exercises, improving sleep quality, and eating a healthy diet. Some patients also report benefits of complementary therapies such as massage, acupuncture, and relaxation techniques. Fibromyalgia patiens who develop psychological disturbances such as depression and anxiety will require treatment from a mental health professional. Sudies have shown that, in general, many patiens with fibromyalgia syndrome experience a lower quality of life due to chronic pain, fatige, sleep deprivation, and emotional stress.

Despite extensive reasearch, fibromyalgia syndrome remains a relatively poorly understood disease entity. Although a variety of risk factors have been identified, the underlying cause remains unknown. Risk factors include advancing age, female gender, certain underlying diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and ankylosing spondylitis, genetic predisposition, and psychological stress.

Physical trauma has also been identified as a risk factor for fibromyalgia which is of particular interest to personal injury lawyers who may come across cases in which a client developed clinical symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome following a motor vehicle accident or another form of physical trauma. Whether or not physical trauma can cause fibromyalgia is typically the central issue that is vigorously debated during litigation of these cases with experts retained by the opposing parties invariably offering divergent opinions regarding the causation issue.

The MediFocus Literature Guide to Trauma and Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a comprehensive Guide to the medical literature for personal injury attorneys that identifies all of the important studies that have been published over the past 25 years regarding the potential role of trauma in fibromyalgia. Based on case reports, case series, and review articles, the Guide provides the reader with a detailed overview of the available scientific and medical evidence pertaining to the role of trauma as a cause of fibromyalgia. Armed with this Guide, attorneys can use the literature to prepare their most effective arguments as well as to bolster the opinions of their experts regarding the issue of causation of fibromyalgia in the context of physical trauma.
Trauma and Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a one-of-a-kind literature reference Guide that includes:

  • A comprehensive bibliography of 91 journal article references indexed in MEDLINE published in well respected medical and scientific journals.
  • Online access to the abstracts (summaries) of the articles.
  • A unique "Author Directory" consisting of the names and institutional affiliations of experts who have published and have specialized knowledge about Trauma and Fibromyalgia Syndrome. The "Author Directory" is a valuable resource for quickly identifying and locating experts for case reviews, opinions, and testimony.

Select examples of topics that are covered by the articles referenced in this Guidebook include:

  • Chronic widespread pain as a medico-legal issue
  • A systematic review of precipitating physical and psychological traumatic events in the development of fibromyalgia.
  • Current trends in disability claims due to fibromyalgia syndrome.
  • Trauma and fibromyalgia: is there an association and what does it mean?
  • Fibromyalgia: A Critical and Comprehensive Review
  • Concomitance of fibromyalgia syndrome and cervical disc herniation
  • Physical Trauma and Infection as Precipitating Factors in Patients with Fibromyalgia
  • Fibromyalgia and physical trauma: the concepts we invent
  • A medicolegal analysis of worker appeals for fibromyalgia as a compensable condition following workplace soft-tissue injury
  • Trauma and work-related pain syndromes: risk factors, clinical picture, insurance and law interventions
  • Role of road traffic accidents and other traumatic events in the onset of chronic widespread pain
  • Can fibromyalgia be associated with whiplash injury? A 3-year follow-up study
  • Neck injury and fibromyalgia-- are they really associated?
  • Fibromyalgia after motor vehicle collision: evidence and implications
  • Outcome of posttraumatic fibromyalgia: a 3-year follow-up of 78 cases of cervical spine injuries
  • A case-control study examining the role of physical trauma in the onset of fibromyalgia syndrome
  • Quality-of-life, legal-financial, and disability issues in fibromyalgia
  • Musculoskeletal injury as a trigger for fibromyalgia/posttraumatic fibromyalgia
  • Fibromyalgia following trauma: psychology or biology?
  • Increased rates of fibromyalgia following cervical spine injury. A controlled study of 161 cases of traumatic injury.
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