Automobile Airbag Deployment Injuries

A Comprehensive Guide to the Literature for Personal Injury Lawyers

Publisher: Medifocus Legal
Publication Date: October 19, 2017
Number of Pages: 175
Airbags are automatic crash-protection devices installed in motor vehicles designed to reduce injuries and fatalities, particularly in frontal and near-frontal crashes. Although airbags were initially developed in the 1950s, they did not become popular until the late 1980s when Congress mandated the use of airbags, together with passive restraints or automatic seat belts. An airbag consists of a nylon rubber bag that is designed to inflate with a change in velocity analogous to hitting a brick wall at a speed of 10 to 15 mph. The sudden deceleration due to an impact sets off a cartridge of sodium azide which releases nitrogen gas to inflate the airbag. Deflation of the airbag occurs within 2 seconds and consists of venting of gases via exhaust ports or porous panels located behind the restraining device.

The National Traffic and Safety Highway Administration has reported that airbags reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 31%. Although airbags save lives, their increasing use has paradoxically led to the discovery of a wide range of new injuries known as airbag injuries. These injuries may be caused by improper airbag functioning, such as oversized airbags and over-rapid deployment or low-deployment threshold or faulty electrical systems. Airbag injuries can also occur with proper airbag deployment or deflation.

Automobile Airbag Deployment Injuries is a comprehensive guide to the medical literature intended for personal injury attorneys whose clients may have sustained an airbag-related injury. This unique Guide consists of over 180 hand-selected references published in peer-reviewed journals with links to the article abstracts and full-text sources. The Guide covers the entire spectrum of reported airbag injuries as documented by individual case reports, case series, original research publications, and major reviews on the topic by experts in the field.

Automobile Airbag Deployment Injuries is a one-of-a-kind literature reference Guide that includes:

  • A comprehensive bibliography of 191 journal article references indexed in MEDLINE published in well respected medical and scientific journals.
  • Online access to the abstracts (summaries) of the articles.
  • Online access to the free full-text version of 43 articles.
  • Links to full-text sources of other articles that are available for purchase directly from individual journal publishers.
  • A unique "Author Directory" consisting of the names and institutional affiliations of experts who have published and have specialized knowledge about Automobile Airbag Deployment Injuries. The "Author Directory" is a valuable resource for quickly identifying and locating experts for case reviews, opinions, and testimony.

Select examples of topics that are covered by the articles referenced in this Guidebook include:

  • Acute myocardial infarction from automobile airbag trauma.
  • Airbag lung disease after motor vehicle accidents.
  • Airbag injury causing bilateral blindness.
  • Shoulder and chest injury from airbag deployment.
  • Retinal detachment following automobile airbag trauma.
  • Airbag-mediated fatal head and neck trauma.
  • Chemical eye injuries following airbag deployment.
  • Cervical spine injuries associated with airbags in motor vehicle crashes.
  • Maxillofacial injuries from automobile airbag trauma.
  • Airbag-mediated asthma: a review of the literature.
  • Airbag skin injuries in frontal automobile crashes.
  • Head injuries associated with automobile airbag trauma.
  • Acute hearing loss following airbag deployment.
  • Eye injuries and visual acuity outcome after motor vehicle accidents with airbag deployment.
  • Airbag effectiveness on brain trauma in frontal crashes.
  • Uterine trauma in pregnancy after motor vehicle crashes with airbag deployment.
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